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BoxEasy was written to achieve a simple album-art based Jukebox
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Ziggyred Software

BoxEasy Jukebox is a media player/organizer designed by Ziggyred Software. Ziggyred were not pleased with the way other programs organized music based on ID3 information tags. This program bases its organization on folder and file names. You can set up a folder and a bunch of Mp3s inside, then BoxEasy will recognize these as an album and the files as songs. You can then customize the cover of the album. The program also removes duplicate albums or songs, those that have emerged due to incorrect ID3 tags.

All jobs are executed fast and accurately, but there are some mild annoyances as well. First of all, it is almost impossible to find a way to resize the full-screen view of the window. Another thing is the price. Although the program is useful, the price does seem steep, as there are other cheaper applications out there (or even free ones). Another minus is that the interface looks too simple, with no regard to the fact that you can customize color and images.

Still, the application is useful, especially if you have a huge amount of Mp3s all over the place, but you should try it first.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Compact
  • Good music player


  • The price seems steep
  • The interface is not intuitive
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